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With the Spring season settling in , you now get to enjoy nature in its wonderful-est form. With Blooming buds , Wild flowers & Fresh green leaves everywhere , it's {almost } natural to catch the Gardening Bug !  

I confess : I don't have the 'green-est' of thumbs , so I set out looking for items that will help me along the way. And you know that  it is essential to have the right tools to do what you have to do ! I needed the items to be good , practical and also not so run of the mill ... wanted them to look pretty as well. And { to my surprise } I found some really nice things that would most definitely inspire me to begin working in my garden.  

Take a look at what I picked. They are great additions to a Gardener's Starter Kit too ...

Sources :

1 . Planters from Crate & Barrel  : These glazed planters add in a different dimension of color into your garden. The lil' bird character on it just adds to the whimsical feel. 

2 . A Garden Hose from Terrain : A bright cool - blue colored fun addition to your gardening supplies. It's my fav' find so far. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw something other than the regular dark green colored hose !

3 . Hand Cream & Scrub by Crabtree & Evelyn : After a gardening session , Cleanse & Refresh your hard-working hands with these awesome products. A light fragrance enhances to the ' happy ' feeling !

4 . Trowel & Hand Rake from Alice Supply Co. : This set is perfect as a gift item with its chic cotton drawstring bag. The multi-colored stripes are so cool !

5 . Copper Garden Labels from Terrain : Mark your plants, flower beds and herbs with these cool metallic labels. Comes with a erasable pen which makes this a re-usable product. Luv !

Hope you enjoyed these picks. 
I am pretty sure that they will also be the perfect items to include in a gift basket that is headed over to your Gardener Friend's house. Have a wonderful Gardening season .

Happy Styling !

pic via : pinterest

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