Snapshot Inspiration : The Black & White Chic

Chic , Cozy & Comfortable ... That pretty much sums up this Living Room corner for me . The mix 'n match of Textures & Finishes here plays a huge part in bringing a feeling of Warmth { into an otherwise stark backdrop } . I luv how the stylist / designer used the Shape of the Natural Plant & Organic Motifs on the pillows and wallpaper to help break up the straight lines !

My Favorites in this snapshot :
  1. The variety in the Pillow Styles 
  2. The Over-sized Plant & Planter ... strategically placed to create Drama
  3. The Classic Combo of Black & White for Decor
Also , don't miss the dark-stained wood pallet & cinder-block table on wheels. It lends so much character to the space. And the metal accents used { the candle-stand, the planter & the mesh cloche } ... add in a totally different dimension to the sea of soft finishes that dominates the scene. 

I think it's a Perfect lil' Nook to curl up in , with a good book & a mug of my fav' coffee. Do share with me your thoughts on this Snapshot Pick .  Till then ... 

Happy Styling !

image credits : thereseromell


  1. I love this look and would do it in a heartbeat, for myself, but have dogs, husband, family, etc. What in the world would I do with them? I know...they get the wooden pallets! It really does look inviting :)

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )March 25, 2014 at 10:37 AM

      Hi Genise. This mix of white couch & white throw with dogs & kids ... I know what you mean. :))
      Glad you liked the post.
      Do connect with me on my facebook page for a daily dose of design & decor @ . Thanks !


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