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When we think of nightstands , what { usually } comes to mind is a small insignificant piece of furniture located on the side of a bed . These typically will have a drawer or 2 . It's more functional than anything else. But in today's world where space is limited and most of us live in smaller dwellings, I think we should creatively make use of every chance & opportunity to add character & style into our homes. 
Nightstands or Bedside Tables are perfect candidates for this !

So today I share with you some { 15 } really cool & unique ideas to replace typical { boring } nightstands. 
Take a look ...

A chest of drawers : Not very different from your regular nightstand , but adds tonns of character with the colors &  finish used. It so beautifully complements the styling in the space. 

Bunch of  Books to strapped together to make a nightstand. A novel idea ... very Whimsical !
p.s. : Books that you use for this should be those you don't need anymore . Can't imagine having to dismantle everything if ever you feel like reading one of them.

Chairs as bedside tables sure makes for a great style statement . And they are so versatile ! 
They can be changed every time you change the style & color of your bedding or room.

A large tin can ... perfectly complementing the decor of the room ! 
Lending the warm industrial vibe to the space , it will definitely be a conversation piece.

How about a heater / furnace with plugged in light fixture !
A decor element perfect for a period home styling or even a contemporary-eclectic styled room.

A Floating Table - with a drawer is a bonus . Simple & Practical !
So very Sleek , Minimalist &  Modern !

Travel Cases ! Grab those vintage suitcases ... 
... stack them up and you've got yourself a pretty functional nightstand with loads of character ! 

Wine Barrels : A perfect design element to bring in great style to your Country Styled Bedroom ! 
Works wonderful as a bedside table too.

A Ladder : Does it work ? Well ... it's housing a book , a pair of reading glasses , a bunch of flowers, some pieces of jewellery & a light fixture. Guess it works perfectly as a nightstand !

A Step-Ladder does the job pretty fine too. Bonus : Adds character & style !
A Tree Stump for a nightstand : A very simple & nice DIY idea.  All you need is a coat of paint on the top of the cleaned-up stump to make your one-of-a-kind bedside table ! 
The one in the above pic just adds to Rustic-Luxury feel of the styling.

A black vintage trunk as a bedside table. The color and the design perfectly 
complementing the eclectic styling of the bedroom space !

Winecases : Stained & Stacked to be used as nightstands. 
Another DIY project for a unique bedside table. Just lovely !

A Cheese Box for a nightstand ... Now that's unique !

A painted filing system type cabinet ... that too on wheels. Definitely a very different look though.
Works great for this room & the Modern style , don't you think ?

I absolutely loved the Tree Stump being used as a bedside table. Guess that's my favorite. Which one is yours ? Share with me your thoughts on these awesome ideas { and any new ones . Until then ...

Happy Styling !

pics via : apartmenttherapy, freshome, homedit, athomeinlove


  1. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )September 2, 2014 at 5:26 PM

      I am glad you liked this post Liz. Thanks for stopping by !

    2. Christina MainprizeNovember 17, 2014 at 8:24 AM

      Thanks so much for sharing. As a student, makes you think out side the norm!

    3. Hi Christina ... Happy to note that the pic inspired you. All the very best to you !


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