5 Easy & Quick Tips : To ReStyle your Home

It started off with my friends asking me for "quick tips" to redo their room , to style for an event etc. ... and each one catering to different budgets & styles. I realised that there are really only a few basics that you need follow to achieve your styling and design goals. Once you know what you want to do ... you can spend as much or as little as you want. Simple !

That's when I decided to introduce a new series  : 5 Easy & Quick Tips.

It's all about the easiest , the quickest and the simplest way to do something to Enhance your space. 
So I begin the series 5 ways to ReStyle your Home ...

A High Impact change in a room would be to rearrange your furniture. Moving them around and creating a better view or better conservation areas will bring about a " new " feel to the space. But if you are stuck with a particular furniture arrangement { due to location of doors, windows etc } then the following 5 tips should do the trick  ...

( 1 ) Dress up Walls : Re-Paint or wallpaper them. Hang new Art , photographs / frames to create Drama. If you already have wall hangings ... switch them around the house !

( 2 ) Textiles & Fabrics : Energize the space with color & oodles of style using throw pillows , area rugs , table linens , curtains & sheers. { This is super easy and my most fav' tip } .

( 3 ) Update Lil' stuff : Hardware { door , cabinet knobs and pulls } , Lamp shades & Light fixtures are easy to replace. You won't believe how much of an impact they make .

( 4 ) Add Mirrors : Strategic placement of mirrors will bring in lots of reflected light. This will visually expand the space making it seem airy & inviting !

( 5 ) A Conversation Piece : A large oversized painting , a sculpture or something as small as a really unique coffee table accent will add tons of character to your old space.

These 5 simple tips will give you a headstart on revamping your space . 
Share with us your secrets to re-style. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

{ images via studiomdesigns on pinterest }


  1. Looks easy to accomplish! A must try for me!

    1. Minol ( Studio M Designs )September 13, 2014 at 11:04 PM

      Yes Najwa. These are simple ideas for anyone to accomplish !
      Contact me if you a need any assistance.
      Thanks for stopping by !


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