Hello from Austin, Texas !

A big HELLO to my readers !
It's been a really long { and unexpected } break from blogging for me ... almost 4 months now. 
The reason : We i.e. me & family , moved from the gorgeous San Francisco Bay Area to the vibrant city of Austin , Texas .

After about 10 years of a happy " settled " life in one place ,  relocating to another state altogether has been a bitter-sweet event . Though I miss my friends & my extended family , I am excited about having found a new place to make it our own. Am soo looking forward to making new friends and exploring the Austin scene in general.

Here's a fun read I came across called :  50 signs you know it is summer in Austin  .
It's true ! Believe me ... most of the stuff on this list is what you would find jotted down in my diary.

Anywayz ,  now that packing , shipping , moving , unpacking , back-to-school , settling down { well ... sort of } is All Done , I can't wait to get back to blogging . Stay tuned 'coz I  have many ideas & interesting finds that I am eager to share with you .

Until then ... Happy Styling !

{ image credits :  ohhellofriend , southernsavers }

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