Sunday Bliss : Casual Scandinavian Style

With the official first day of Fall tomorrow { in USA i.e. } , Nature is beginning to explode with vibrant reds , oranges & yellows.  Most posts on social media  are also automatically & obviously gearing toward these warm color palettes . 

So , for the last Sunday Bliss of Summer, I decided to go with a classic Black & White. I came across this lovely cozy home that is styled with this Chic combo. I enjoyed how the designer has kept it Simple yet very Classy ! The home has { what I think is } a Scandinavian Country vibe with a Modern twist of course . 

Let's take a peek ...

The light coming in & the color palette makes the space so Fresh & Casual !

White & Black : Classic , Universal , Versatile !

Don't miss the finer Details and Accents in Glass , Porcelain & Metallics { like Silver } .

The mix of various design styles in the space brings in a lot of character .

Absolutely luv the Play of Patterns and Textures in this All White & Black space ! I think the ' Layers  ' in the design make the home very Cozy & Inviting . The choice of fabrics is my favorite in this space ... they bring in  a ' relaxed ' look & feel . What's your fav' element here ?  Do share with us. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

credits : lantliv

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