Inspiration to Style : Fall . Organic . Contemporary

Have your ever seen an image and not been able to get it out of your head ? Well , I came across this lovely Fall Styling by Tara Pearce quite sometime back and had then posted it on my facebook page. There was something in the whole composition that really drew me to it. The variety of eye-catching details in it was stunning. They complemented each other just too well. Here is the image ...

I can for sure point out the top three reasons why I loved it ...
  1. The Color Palette : Neutrals { Greys , Whites , Browns } with a Shades of Persimmon & Amber 
  2. The Metallic Infusion : Touches of Copper , Gold & Brass .
  3. The Mix : Natural & Delicate  elements { egg , fruit . twigs} with Hard & Man-Made elements { scissors , spoons , sculpture etc }.
I was so inspired by this image that I set about creating a look taking my fav' elements from it...

My Picks ...
  1. Demijohn Mercury Glass Table Lamp , High Street Market
  2. Wild Orange rendered series by Jen Prior , Z Gallerie
  3. Brown Leather Butterfly Chair , Big Bkf
  4. Cyan Design Langley Table , Pure Home
  5. White & Gray Sheepskin rug , French Connection
  6. Gold & silver Tealight Holders , Occa Home
With the above decor picks , I would most likely use a Steely Gray shade for the Feature Wall { or the backdrop } . My fav' so far has been Benjamin Moore's Metropolitan (AF-690) : It's a stylish gray with cool blue undertones.

Here are a few cues that I retained from the inspiration collage to create the look ...
  • The Casual mood
  • The Organic Fall styling
  • The Contemporary color palette
  • Touches of Gold , Persimmon & Glass 
Have you been inspired by an image or a scene ? Share with us how you brought that into your home. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

Inspiration Image : Tara Pearce

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