5 Styling Essentials : Home Office Decor

With my long winter holiday coming to an end , my lil' one back to school , design & staging projects underway ... things are getting back to a regular routine. I am happy and I am inspired to work on my Home Office Space. It's where I spend most part of my day { apart from the kitchen of-course }. And so, I want it to reflect my personality & style ... I want to make it fun and practical with a feminine touch !

First off , you do need to have the basics : A desk , a comfy chair , a few storage options and enough natural light. With those things already covered , here's my checklist of easy updates & additions that I plan to make at my work desk ...
  1. Inspiration Board { with motivational quotes, pictures of things & people I love etc }
  2. Vibrant Artwork { something with glitter }
  3. A stylish Desk Lamp
  4. Bright colored Tray { my fav' organization tool }
  5. Fun Desk Accents { something with color and pattern }
Sharing with you some of the home-office images that caught my eye on pinterest ... 

What I like : Eclectic Styling + Use of Colors

 What I like  : Stylish Desk Accents + Wall Art

What I like : The large tray to corral all the tools of the trade 

What I like : Styling with a subdued Feminine Touch 

What I like : Fun Desk Accents

Now that I know what I want , my next step is to do some product research and make my final shopping list. { Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will share my picks . }

A lil' note : Doesn't matter if you have a small desk space in your kitchen or an entire room for your office space , remember that It's all about what inspires you , what you like and it's all in the details !

For more inspiration and ideas for home office styling , check out my pinterest board : Room Ideas : Home Office . What are your must-haves at your desk ? Share with us. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

images via : Pinterest


  1. Thanks for this office's design, I like really the second one, blanck and white !!

    1. Yeah ! The black and white office space is very fresh and contemporary. Pretty practical too. :)
      Glad you liked the post.

  2. I love your blog design studio, thanks for sharing it at my party! So chic !!!

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