How to Make your Home look ' Expensive '

This is something most of us are thinking  : " I want my house to look like the ones featured in the design magazines ; but I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. How can I make my home ' look ' rich ? "

 . Posh . Upscale . Luxurious . Rich .

Sharing with you today 5 Simple tips to bring " Affordable Luxe " { as I like to call it } into your home : 

# 1 : Simplify 
Do not crowd furniture & clutter your home with accessories . Keep it minimal ... you do not have to fill every inch of horizontal surface available to you. Pick high impact accents. A large print could do wonders to space . Remember Less is more !

# 2 : Flower Power
Fresh flowers is a luxury. Place them everywhere : on your coffee table , dining table , console table , bedside table etc. But be sure to change the water regularly. Nothing luxe about drooping & wilting flowers.

# 3 : Art Collection
Create gallery walls ... a trend that you will find in every rich art collector's home. And choose items that defines your personality and tells your story . They end up being great visual focal points too.

# 4 : Mix & Match Styles
Choosing 2 or more design styles to decorate your home with brings in that eclectic vibe and will portray you as a connoisseur of style ! So go ahead & showcase your love for more than one decorating style.

# 5 : Add Drama
Go bold with color , accents , statement furniture pieces etc. It could be an over-sized artwork , a patterned silk wall paper for a feature wall , a large light fixture or even a sculpture. Not only do they look posh , but they make great conversation pieces too.

Also here are a few specific pieces that could add instant luxury into your space :
  • A gorgeous Area Rug ( maybe a silk shag rug or an over-dyed Turkish vintage rug )
  • A large Light Fixture or Chandelier
  • Metal Accents & Shiny / Reflective surfaces ( Brass , Chrome , Glass )
  • Art with beautiful Framework 

These basic decorating steps will give you a head start in taking your home from ordinary to extraordinary. Share with me your tips to  making your home feel like a million bucks. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

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