Snapshot Inspiration : Bathroom Oasis

This snapshot instantly reminded me of a rain-forest-y jungle resort. It also is a lovely combination of the raw & polished ! The smooth white tiles set in a simple pattern against the rough exposed brick on the adjacent wall; the warm wood ceiling with its inherent grain finish contrasting with the almost bare and cold concrete floors ... though the elements are very different , they all work well together to create a cohesive look.

I like how this bathroom not only looks great , but also is very practical & functional. There is enough light coming in through the clever design of the multipurpose partition, enough storage with a combination of open shelves  & cabinets, and lastly the space also has oodles of style. The large round mirror's strategic placement is excellent not only reflects the white wall on the opposite side ,  it also plays up the rough design features in this space.

With so many different design & decor elements here, my fav's are :
  1. The stunning claw foot tub
  2. The plants lending the organic element  to the straight clean lines of the design
  3. The mix of wood & concrete 
The gorgeous black claw foot tub definitely takes the center-stage in this bathroom. I think it almost grounds the entire styling with its bold solid color giving the eye somewhere to rest  { in a space where there are so many delightful things going on } . The plants with their jungle-y oversized leaves come in a close second when it comes to catching my attention. They bring in the ' natural ' element of the outdoors inside giving it a calming spa-like feel { & don't miss the uniqueness of each planter they are set in } .

I love how this bathroom has been designed & styled. It's almost a perfect Oasis in your urban home ! What do you like { or not like } about this space ? Do share with us. Until then ...

Happy Styling !

image credit: paper & stitch


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