Home Staging 101 : Why Stage ?

Being a Certified Professional Home Stager, I get asked about Staging a lot. 

" Is staging really necessary to sell my home? "
" It is new, it's just 5 years old...do we need to decorate it ? "
" Can't we just clean up & re-paint & be done with it ? "
" Do I need to hire an Interior Designer for this ? "
" Home Staging is expensive. "

All the above questions and more !
So I figured it's best to document my views and knowledge to pass it on and educate people. And since I guest blog on various Realtor , Real Estate & Home Builder's websites , I decided to use that as my platform. I write each post as a Home Staging 101 : With some basic information , the Why's and & the How-To's ...

Here's one featured on Builder Boost  ( A Real Estate consulting firm for the Home building Industry ) , Austin, Texas. In this post you'll find :
  1. A few good reasons as to Why Staging is important ( Statistics )
  2. Simple Steps to the Staging Process
Here is an excerpt ...

Getting ready to sell your house ? As a seller you need to do everything to stand out in the housing market. According to a 2014 nationwide survey of Real Estate Agents by Zillow, hiring a Professional Home Stager is the second best investment a home seller can make in the process of selling their home ( the first being increasing curb appeal ).

I offer customized Home Staging & Styling solutions in Austin, Texas. 
Contact me to schedule a Staging Consultation today ( 408 ) 858.1438.    
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Thank you & have a wonderful day !

info credits : zillow


  1. Yeah, it's all about buyer psychology. You have stand out among many!
    I had to sell a house that I had already moved out of and I knew it would be impossible to sell without furniture. I got someone to stage it and it sold in less than 3 months!

    1. Yeah ! Buyer Psychology it is. And excellent job hiring a professional stager. Staging always pays off..starts working for you the minute you post the awesome after-staging pics online. :)


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