Kid's Study / Room Makeover

I love being a content writer to one of the Local County Magazines : Williamson County Real Estate Magazine.  

With Summer winding down , parents are getting ready for the kids to go back to school. Since a big part of the preparation is to spruce up their kid's room / desk-space at home, I decided to pick a topic that would give them a head-start. It was a fun project and I thoroughly enjoyed product hunting and creating the article " A Kids Study Makeover ".

I chose to pick some products that caught my eye for a kid's study area and I also share some of my very basic tips & ideas to style a kid's room. Here is the design board I created for it ( which is then altered slightly by the editor for the final print ) :

And here is my { 150 word } write up ...

5 styling tips for your kid’s study :
  1. Basics : A white desk & chair are the perfect pieces to build up on your child’s changing preferences of style as they grow.
  2. Color : Refresh the room with color … its proven to stimulate the senses. I do believe in allowing the kids to choose colors … especially of accents & small items { if not for the entire wall } .
  3. Showcase :  Dedicate a space to show off  their works of art. It could be a shelf to display their clay sculptures or frames on the wall for a budding Picasso’s masterpieces.
  4. Style : Keep the d├ęcor playful by choosing items with a touch of whimsy and fun ! Patterns on the fabrics & organizers an excellent way to do this.
  5. Inspire : Bring in things that will encourage them to learn and explore. Maps, wall art with inspirational words are a great for this !

This is how the 2 page feature in the magazine looks like ...

You can access the digital version of the magazine here : Wilco Real Estate Magazine , August 2015
Access the mag on FB here :WilcoRealEstateMag on Facebook

Hope you enjoyed the article. And I hope you all are enjoying this fantastic summer too.

Happy Styling !


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