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It's exciting to be published in one of the popular Local County Magazines : Williamson County Real Estate Magazine.  

The fun Summer vacation is over and now it's back to the grind. Many have toured Model Homes in search of that perfect place. Some have even meticulously planned & bought a home so that they have enough time to move-in , settle down and be all ready for the new school year to begin. 

The dilemma : You have the key's to your new place. You bring in your furniture or even buy a few new ones. But the home looks nothing like that  "Model Home" you saw & fell in love with. Now what ? 

So, in this issue , I share some of my very basic tips & ideas to bring in that  ' Model Home Look ' into your space. I have also picked out a few accents & pieecs to give you a visual of the concept.

Here is the design board I created ( which is then altered slightly by the editor for the final print ) :

And here is the write up ...

5 Simple d├ęcor & styling tips to bring in the ‘Model Home Look’…
1. Style Fix
Choose a style & theme ( like a Casual Nautical or Formal Contemporary ) and run with it for the entire house. Think in terms of color & accents too.
2. Accent Power
Pick fewer accessories but high impact ones. Grouping them in 3s works best. Think ‘big’ for accents.
3. Visual Exclamation Points
Create focal points in a room. Add bright pops of color with oversized artwork or bring in classic chandeliers that add instant opulence. 
4. Bling it Up
Use metal finishes & reflective surfaces like silver & glass to bring in that high-end feeling to the space. Mirrored cabinet fronts & shiny candle stands work well.

5. Add Drama
Go bold. A feature wall, a statement furniture piece or a large mirror with over-the-top framework are the perfect picks.

Remember that personalizing your new home is all about realizing your individual style. Choose things that tell your story. Combine that with the tips & tricks I have shared to make your home feel like a model home !

This is how the 2 page feature in the magazine looks like ...

You can access the digital version of the magazine here : Wilco Real Estate Magazine , September 2015
Access the magazine on FB here :WilcoRealEstateMag on Facebook

Hope you enjoyed the article. 
Do share what your tricks are to bring that ' Model Home Look ' into your home !
Until then ...

Happy Styling !

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