Urban Living Room for Halloween

I enjoy being featured in one of the popular Local County Real Estate Magazines : Williamson County Real Estate Magazine.  

The holiday season is upon us ... and right now all you see are scary & freaky Halloween accents.
I was tired of seeing spider-webs , skulls , pumpkins and literal symbols of the holiday everywhere. So for this edition ,  I decided to be embrace by this festival ...but took a different approach.

As Inspiration , I took the colors scheme of this event... the bright warm oranges & the dark black with matte & shiny finishes. I came up with accent & furniture picks to create and style a Living Room with an Urban vibe.

Here is the design board I created ( which is then altered slightly by the editor for the final print ) :

And here is the write up ...

My 5 favorite tips to style your home for the gorgeous Fall season …
1. Color Power : Bring in the warmer tones associated with this festive season to your home. Shades of orange, red and yellow paired with neutrals work great.

2. Bling it on : Pick accessories with a lil’ bit of shimmer & shine to them. Candle stands, light fixtures and vases with metallic finishes are excellent choices.

3. Styling : Layering adds warmth to the decor & lends an inviting ambience. Layer your sofas with pillows & throws and dress up your floors with rugs.

4. Finishes : Complement the d├ęcor with materials that add coziness into the space. Some popular picks are wool throws, luxurious rugs and accents with raw wood tones.

5. Aroma : Engage all your senses, even your olfactory nerve with aromas that are typical to the season. Scented candles with a hint of spice are just perfect.

This is how the 2 page feature in the magazine looks like ...

You can access the digital version of the magazine here : October Issue
Access the magazine on FB here :WilcoRealEstateMag on Facebook

Hope you enjoyed the article. 

Do share how you decorated your place for the fun Halloween holiday !
Until then ...Happy Styling !

Minol Shamreen | Certified Home Stager & ReDesigner , B.Arch | Studio M Designs | Austin, TX

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