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I love traveling. And I love to bring back stuff that I collect during my travels. But I must admit that it's  more of photographs than actual " stuff " that I bring back ... because I am more of a window-shopper than a ' shopper '. And to fill up your home with these memories is always fun.

On design sponge I found a London home that's filled with the owner Nic & Dave's travel memorabilia . Nic is an interior stylist & is wild about color. Her general philosophy is to create a white canvas and then use the furniture and accessories to layer color. Dave, a senior retoucher for a top fashion photographer, is open to pretty much anything – even a a bright pink corduroy armchair in the living room. And you can see how well the two personalities come together to create this inviting , casual & comfortable space they call home. 

Take a look at a few excerpts from their experiences & snapshots of their home here ...

Image above: The ‘bon’ sign is from Paris. The painting is one of my own – a present to 
Dave during a bout of unemployment. I had been on the hunt for a coffee table for 2 years 
when we found this one. It’s a barn table from Belgium which we found in a shop on Golborne Road in London (we chopped down its legs to make it a more usable height).

Image above: The mirror frame was bought in Bali and glazed in the UK. It rests on a bamboo console from Habitat. I got tired of it being natural so painted it flamingo coral. Above the mirror are old belts once worn by a Maharajah’s staff, bought in a street market in India. The Art Deco cabinet was bought from a junk shop on Harrow Road, west London and painted and distressed by us. 
The wicker chest is from my days as a Habitat Saturday girl.

Image above: Our kitchen is tiny and we don’t have room for all our plates and dishes so we 
have an old German medicine cabinet just outside the kitchen which does the job perfectly – 
the top has glass doors to display my vintage and Japanese china, the bottom has metal doors to hide away what we use on a daily basis. The carvings on top of the cabinet are from Timor. 
The wooden wall plaque is from Cameroon (I had to turn on the waterworks to be allowed 
to take it as hand luggage on the plane home!).

Image above: The bovine heads are from Mali. The bench is from Bali. We have quite a lot 
from Bali as it’s the only place where we’ve indulged in shipping. These pieces are really 
special because quite frankly we will never be succumbing to 
shipping again…it was far too expensive!

This lovely home that's oozing with character & personality is a culmination of all the time that the owner's have spent traveling and collecting. The quote in the above picture is just perfect  :
" What we love most about our home is that everything tells a story . "

And that's pretty much what I tell my clients : Styles & trends come and go ... Have things in your home that speak to you ... that you like ... that make you happy ! 

Do you bring a lot of stuff back from your travels ? Do share with us.
Until then ... Happy Travels & Happy Styling !

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