It's a brand new year ...

Just back from an incredible vacation in India and ( honestly ) struggling to get back in the groove. 

I am working on finalizing my list of new year resolutions & goals - both personal & business related. I know its almost the end of January and it's high time I get it done. Looks like I will accomplish that today. 

I would like to share a few from my list ...
  • Read one biz related book every quarter 
  • Allot an ' Absolutely-No-Electronics/Gadget ' time slot in my schedule 
  • Listen to a Podcast every week 
  • Include & Prioritize Sleep in my schedule
  • Be Happy ( and not feel guilty ) when & if I have some downtime !

I have learnt to keep this list small and simple. I leave some wiggle room in it 'coz sometimes I stumble on something else which really ends up being more important to take on.'s happened to me many many times ! * Sigh *
You see ' Life Happens ' .
And whatever the case, I believe, what is important is To Stay Calm & Carry On. 

Here's wishing you a fabulous 2016. May your year be filled with Happiness, Love & Prosperity  ! 
The best is yet to come ...

~ Minol 

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