Painted Ceilings can change everything : Ideas & Inspiration

Ceilings are too often the forgotten element and are given the least importance while decorating any room.  But painting a ceiling can add so much to your space, it could end up being the most interesting part of your styling & design. 
But wait, it's way up there ... Who will look at it ? What good can painted ceilings do ? Well, for starters, they can ...
  1. Bring in lots of Style : Use different finishes, textures, glazes and materials to on your ceiling to dress up any room. Creates interest and also become the focal point of the room !
  2. Warm up the room : Spaces with very high ceilings can often feel cold & uninviting. Bringing in a a darker shade on the ceiling can instantly add warmth to the large expansive space.
  3. Brighten a space : A small room with medium to dark shade on the walls can feel closed in. Open up the space by using a lighter shade on the ceiling. Instantly brightens the room.
Here are my picks for painted ceilings that take the space from drab to fab ...

Many more cool design ideas and inspiration on my pinterest board @ Painted Ceilings.

Painting the ceiling is the simplest way to bring in a ' not-so-common ' yet stunning design feature into your space. It's also easy on your pockets. Play with textures, glazes and patterns too. And with so many different & customizable paint finishes available on the market, the sky is the limit. 
So the next time you want to transform a room ... start from the very top.

Happy Styling !

Minol Shamreen
Certified Professional Home Stager + Interior Stylist, RESA,  B.Arch
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