Color Trends 2018 : Home & Office

Sherwin Williams one of the industry's leading paint companies has put together 3 color palettes  that they predict will reign in the year 2018 titled Sincerity , Unity & Connectivity. 
Following in an excerpt from their press release regarding the Color Forecast for 2018 : Like Blue meeting Yellow to make Green, every color is a Collision of Influences ... every palette a fresh chance at community. "

Color Palette # 1 : SINCERITY 

Silence . Instagram . Minimalism . Hygge . Normcore

Less is more as we’re de-cluttering, moving more possessions into the cloud. Silence is no longer empty, but instead rare and rich with possibility. Our notions of what’s authentic are being complicated. We’re celebrating the unfiltered, yet captivated by the artfully processed. Blending in is the new standing out. Flaws are treasured. The hushed tones of this score play out in sand, complex grays and hazy botanicals.

Color Palette # 2 : UNITY

Roaming . Transculturalism . Community . Artisanal Crafts . Indigenous Patterns

Nationalism and globalism are in flux, challenging terrestrial boundaries. We’re remapping our sense of community. Optimism persists in the form of boundary-breaking skyscrapers and commercial space travel. Even landlocked cities are becoming global hubs of crafts and gastronomy. We crave security and adventure in equal measure. Airbnb, car sharing and e-learning have created a culture of everyday nomadism. The bright folklore of this story is told in memorable pops of peacock color.

Color Palette # 3 : CONNECTIVITY

Pop/Youth Culture . Techies . Virtual Reality . Productivity . Environmentalism

We’re each moving to the beat of our own algorithm. From choosing a dry cleaner to choosing a college, data powers nearly every decision we make. In Silicon Valley, Austin, Berlin and Beijing, techies are the new hippies, full of breakthrough ideas and utopian ideals. A generation is waving the flag of color freedom, and Instagramming every moment. This high-tech palette is pixelated in orange, violets, digital greens and high-def yellow.

As an Interior Stylist & Decorator & as a Professional Home Stager, I would lean more towards using the ' Sincerity ' color palette  - with the neutrals and softer colors giving me the perfect backdrop to create customized spaces.
Which one of these palettes do you like ? Share with us. Until then,
Happy Styling !

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