Curb Appeal - The #1 investment for a Home Seller !

As a professional home stager, I have been invited to guest blog for various realtor / real-estate & home builder websites & magazines. Here's one of my popular posts featured on Kopa Real Estate Blog, Austin, TX.   In this article you'll find :
  1. The # 1 investment for a Home Seller : Curb Appeal
  2. Why & How Curb Appeal can bring you top dollar !

According to the Zillow 2014 Nationwide Survey of Real Estate Agents and Interior Designers, the number 1 investment for a home seller is Curb Appeal. And the second best investment a home seller can make is hiring a Professional Home Stager.
Sharing with you 3 Key Steps to create a great curb appeal:
De-Clutter And Clean
A clean entrance can go a long way toward establishing a positive first impression. Remove all extra objects from the entrance like kid’s toys and bikes. Tuck the garden tools and hoses, lawn mowers and garbage bins away. On the day of the photo shoot ( for listing ) or the open-house , remove vehicles from the driveway and park them away from the entrance.
Repair And Re-Finish
A well maintained entrance sets the mood for the entire house tour. When buyers see chipped paint, huge cracks in the driveway and trim that needs to be repaired it adds to their list of to-dos and their budget. Avoid this turnoff by completing all these small repairs.
Remove dead and dry plants from the front yard. If the lawn isn’t great, try using extra fertilizer to make it grow lusher and greener or re-sod. Trim the bushes and edges of the lawn to create a well maintained and finished look.
Create a curbside visual that entices the potential buyers to come inside and a take a look. Bring in life and energy with color. Potted flowers and basic landscape can set the tone of an inviting space. Adding a fresh coat of paint to the trims, entrance door and garage doors can do wonders for the look of the property. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the colors.
Style your porch by creating welcoming vignettes. A bench or a combination of bistro chairs and table will help potential buyers visualize using and enjoying the space. Warm it up with colorful outdoor rugs or mats.
You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Buyers begin to make assumptions about the property right from the curb-side … even before they step in. So creating a strong first impression is a very important step in the process of selling your home.

While the exterior of your home should be high on your priority list, it is most valuable only when the buyer walks up or drives by. But they may not ever get that far. The interior also needs to show your home in its best possible light, because Web appeal has become the new curb appeal.
Bringing in a Professional Stager to work with you & your realtor will help you achieve all this and much more to showcase your home in the best possible way. I offer customized staging & styling solutions to homeowners and excellent partnership plans for Realtors & Investors. Call today to learn how I can help you sell your home faster & for more money.
Minol Shamreen | 408.858.1438 | Austin, Texas
Certified Professional Home Stager + Interior Stylist, RESA,  B.Arch
Studio M Designs is a full service Certified Professional Home Staging & Interior Styling firm serving Austin Texas & surrounding areas.


Styling Essentials : Plants for Decorating your Home

We are well into Spring and most of us are busy refreshing our homes. There are a whole lot of things you can use to re-decorate your space with - wall art, sculptures, tchotchkes, souvenirs etc. But there is one element ( that I love ) that isn't used as much and can do wonders for your room ... Plants ! 
We can use plants to define spaces within a large room, cover an awkward angle and to also fill up an empty corner. They are great as focal points too.They add color and life into to your space.

To give you a head-start, here's a compilation of my fav' pictures to inspire you to decorate your home with plants ...

Brings in the much needed pop of color and warmth into the black and white space. 
A bit of a sculptural element too.

Fill up a corner or separate two spaces using larger plants.

I love how the stylist has used plants to style this work desk shelving unit.
It adds an organic & natural element to the hard and cold accent pieces.

Plants come in such varied styles, shapes and textures that you can use them to fill 
up any space or complement any design style.

Hanging planters are an awesome addition to any space.
Doesn't use up any real-estate !

Large planters in the corner not only fills up the space but also adds a nice pop of 
color to the otherwise neutral color scheme.

Group plants to create a mini garden in any space. Adds so much life and style. 

The stylist here has used a huge variety of plants in various shapes and sizes 
to complement to the space.

Pair them up in simple vases or containers and you have a perfect table topper. 
It adds the right amount of movement to the coffee table styling !

Here's my inspiration board with many more ideas to use plants to decorate you home : Plants for Home Decor .
Whether you live in a large house or a tiny condo..there's always a way to bring the outdoors in using plants. 

Happy Styling !

- Minol

Photo Credits: source

Minol Shamreen
Certified Professional Home Stager + Interior Stylist, RESA,  B.Arch
Studio M Designs | 408.858.1438 | Austin TX
Studio M Designs is a full service Certified Professional Home Staging & Interior Styling firm serving Austin Texas & surrounding areas.


Painted Ceilings can change everything : Ideas & Inspiration

Ceilings are too often the forgotten element and are given the least importance while decorating any room.  But painting a ceiling can add so much to your space, it could end up being the most interesting part of your styling & design. 
But wait, it's way up there ... Who will look at it ? What good can painted ceilings do ? Well, for starters, they can ...
  1. Bring in lots of Style : Use different finishes, textures, glazes and materials to on your ceiling to dress up any room. Creates interest and also become the focal point of the room !
  2. Warm up the room : Spaces with very high ceilings can often feel cold & uninviting. Bringing in a a darker shade on the ceiling can instantly add warmth to the large expansive space.
  3. Brighten a space : A small room with medium to dark shade on the walls can feel closed in. Open up the space by using a lighter shade on the ceiling. Instantly brightens the room.
Here are my picks for painted ceilings that take the space from drab to fab ...

Many more cool design ideas and inspiration on my pinterest board @ Painted Ceilings.

Painting the ceiling is the simplest way to bring in a ' not-so-common ' yet stunning design feature into your space. It's also easy on your pockets. Play with textures, glazes and patterns too. And with so many different & customizable paint finishes available on the market, the sky is the limit. 
So the next time you want to transform a room ... start from the very top.

Happy Styling !

Minol Shamreen
Certified Professional Home Stager + Interior Stylist, RESA,  B.Arch
Studio M Designs | 408.858.1438 | Austin TX

Studio M Designs is a full service Certified Professional Home Staging & Interior Styling firm serving Austin Texas & surrounding areas.
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