Get your Home Show Ready ...

Selling your house when you are living in it can be tricky sometimes.
You have done everything according the staging plan we came up with during the staging consultation. After all the de-cluttering, updating and a ton of elbow grease on the weekend ... you think you are all set. Not really !
It's Monday morning , kids just got on the school bus and you are rushing to get to your work or run errands ...and then you receive THE CALL ! Your hardworking realtor informs you that you have 15 minutes until a prospective buyer wants to tour your property. Now what do you do ? Panic ? 
Nope ... you just pull out the checklist I have below, go through the list ... and your home will be show ready !

Here's my Showing Checklist that I give my Home Staging clients ...

If you have 15 - 30 minutes :
  1. All beds are made
  2. All trashcans are empty 
  3. Kitchen Sink empty, clean and wipe down
  4. Clean & wipe down Bathroom Mirrors and Sink
  5. Toilet seat should be down
  6. All pets and pet stuff ( litter box, bowls, food etc ) out of the house
  7. Dining tables and counter tops clear of clutter ( mail, papers )
  8. Laundry basket lid should be on
  9. Open blinds , drapes and curtains
  10. Turn all lights on
  11. Secure and put away valuables
  12. Put away all personal stuff from end tables, bathrooms etc 
  13. Put toys and kids stuff away
  14. Set thermostat to a comfortable temperature
Note: For #12 & #13 a Laundry Basket works best! Corral everything in it and take with you to your car.

If you have a 1-2 hours :
  1. Everything on the first list
  2. Vacuum floors ( rugs , carpets )
  3. Sweep & Mop all hard surface floors
  4. Clean entire bathroom ( toilets & shower stalls )
  5. Air out the place to get rid of any lingering odors
  6. Quick wipe down of all appliances in the kitchen
  7. Replace all used towels with "show -ready " towels
  8. Style the beds and sofas with throw pillows 
  9. Make sure your front porch and your back porch is clean ( sweep it ) and is free of clutter.
  10. Park your second / third car down the street
I know you may want to be able to see who is walking in through that door...but please...make yourself scarce ... get out of there well before those buyers get to your property !

I have had my staging clients tell me how much this checklist has helped them during open houses and showings...

Hope this checklist helps you - the buyer get your home ' Show Ready '. Do you have any other tips that could be added to the list ? Please do share.
Until then,
Happy Styling & Happy Staging !

Minol Shamreen
Certified Professional Home Stager + Interior Stylist , B.Arch
Board Member - Real Estate Staging Association ( RESA ) Central Texas Chapter
Studio M Designs | 408.858.1438 | Austin TX

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